Website Relaunch!

Just a quick note to say “Hello” from my new website!

If you’re coming back here to download a previous order (placed on the old website), you’ll need to go there to get your download.  That site will be available for a a while but will eventually be taken down.  Go to the support page to get more information on how to handle orders from the old website. Downloads for any new orders will be available from the My Account page.

I’ll be posting more here soon so check back every now and then!



2 Comments on “Website Relaunch!”

  1. Dear Charlton,
    i firstly noticed you was on youtube aout 3 years ago. i listened “there is a fountain” you played on your s90es with ivory sound recorded internally. i was suprised by such a fantastic sound. then i left a message to ask you about the equipment. having heard your answer, i throwen my piano away, and bought kurzwei sp3x, with presonus firebox, yamaha msp5 soundbox, and also ivory sound software. i really enjoyed it and i really did take a lot of money away from me. 2month ago i bought roland rd700nx to replace kurzweil. i think i will go close to a real music man, lol. i really appreciate your help on the comment you gave me to enable me having digital piano sense, and yes i really enjoy that.

    btw, im a chinese in Beijing, working for IBM. lol

    1. Hi Liang,

      I’m glad I was able to help you out three years ago! …and, yes, music hardware and software have “taken a lot of money away” from me too! 🙂

      I hope the Roland is working out for you. I’m looking for a new keyboard myself but haven’t settled on anything.

      Thanks for posting!

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