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  1. Thank you so much for composing such gorgeous arrangements of these hymns I love so much. You have inspired me to take them to a new level. I only hope to sound half as good as you. Blessings in all you do for the Lord and for these gifts. Love and blessings to you and yours! Connie

  2. One of my piano students played It is Well with my Soul and then later we learned O Holy Night/What Child is this. Both are gorgeous and the pianist has to be able to have strength as well as agility and touch to play these well. We both had the best time at the piano and my student played these arrangements beautifully.He was only 14 at the time he played It Is Well. As a teacher, I was so very proud and knew he had great things ahead.. He has since graduated from High School (I taught him from age 8-18) but when he did his Senior Recital about a year and half ago, he chose It is Well as one of the cherished pieces to perform. That was a big compliment to you Carlton, because Grant had about 15 pieces to choose from and he could only choose 7 to perform. Thank you for being a wonderful instrument of the Lord. It is a blessing!
    Amy Lyday
    Owner/Piano Teacher
    Grapevine Performing Arts Grapevine, TX

  3. Tks Carlton for your musical and heartfelt keyboard excellence.

    The method and results set the highest standard of balance in God honoring music, in my opinion.

    I say this for all your arrangements, not just the hymns. I’m sure ALL good things come from God.

    It’s always so uplifting and directly brings God to mind and inspires deep gratitude and thankfulness for all His goodness and mercy.

    May God continue to richly bless you.

    Cheers from down under.

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with us. There’s so much depth, and so many layers to it – amazing how you can cram so many notes into one song, I hear new ones every time I listen.
    I was wondering if your Two Rivers song, audio version, is still available? I think it might be my favorite piece.

  5. I love your piano arrangements, and I love your original songs, “Smile” and “Days,” may I ask what happened to your YouTube channel? I’ve noticed those songs and some others arent there anymore, I really enjoy them. Thanks again for the beautiful music!

  6. Hello, I bought the sheet music for “Amazing Grace” on your website recently and began to play it, but I noticed that at measures #32-47, and 53-55 the left hand in the video you made and the sheet music I bought from you don’t match up. Did I get a faulty sheet, or is that the way it was intended to be?

  7. I love all of your arrangements and have played a couple at my church and of course everyone is amazed! I am currently learning “How deep the father’s Love” and it seems like at around measure 78-82 you play something different from the sheet music in the YouTube video that I much prefer. Would you be able to help me out with what you did!? It was my favorite part of the song.

  8. I love all of your arrangements!! They bring me so much peace when I play them myself!! Will you be making any new Christmas arrangements soon? Thank you for sharing your talent!!

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