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  1. Hello Mr. Forrester,

    I am a junior at Bethel University and am doing a junior recital and performing your arrangement of Be Thou My Vision, for the recital I have to write program notes about the composers and the pieces; however, you are a difficult composer to find information on. 🙂 For my notes I need your date of birth (if that is okay); a bit of history about your education, and possibly a bit on how you came to create this particular arrangement of Be Thou My Vision. I would be absolutely delighted if you could help me out sir.
    Many thanks.


    1. Hi Daijah, currently I don’t have a book as not many people have asked for that. I thank you for asking though! Maybe that’s something I’ll do in the future. Thank you,

  2. Do you sell any other CDs? The CD I purchased recently is too short! Do you sell a DVD of your YouTube videos? Would be a great idea….all those great hymns & songs in one place.
    Thanks! My new favorite is His Eye is on the Sparrow……I even found an Ethel Waters video from the late 1970s. Great song.

  3. Your beautiful talent lifts me up all the time! You inspire me to play the piano, and to appreciate its heavenly tones. God Bless you, Carlton

  4. Dear Carlton,

    It’s a bit of an emergency. I found your overhead view video of “Be Thou My Vision” essentially yesterday. I’m looking for music for my piano player to play at my wedding in 10 days…July 12. I was going to buy the sheet music for it, but it appears as if it is getting shipped to me. I was wondering if there was a PDF format that I could actually download? I’m afraid there isn’t enough time to have it ship to my house in VA and give him enough time to really get it down. He’s an unbelievable pianist and has already told me he’d be able to play your version just fine…but I wanted to get him the music in enough time. I have no problem paying…but just needed to know if we could figure that out! I’m absolutely in love with your rendition. It’s incredible. Thanks so much. Feel free to actually email me back at KJulian328@gmail.com…not the “rmskater123” address. I appreciate your help.


    1. Hi KJ, thanks for posting! What you are purchasing is a PDF file of the sheet music which you can download immediately. So you should be good to go! Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you! Carlton

    2. Hello…..I just watched “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” this AM. I had just read a James MacDonald devotion on Flood of Peace sent to me by a dear friend. I searched and found your instrumental YouTube video. I am blessed by your talent.
      I grew up with a Dad who played piano for the many (Baptist) churches we attended. Your style on the keys is very similar to his. He passed away 3 years ago and I miss hearing hymns played live on the piano so I ordered a CD of yours. God is so good and faithful……thanks for sharing His love to all of us. Deb/Oklahoma

    3. Hi, Carlton,

      I am a fellow pianist who is looking for some sheet music along with the CD’s to go with. I have been playing the piano since I was 8 years old. It was not consecutively. When I do come back to play, it is as if I never stopped. I have been listening to your playing on youtube, and I love your style. My favorite one is Wonderful Merciful Savior and How Deep the Father’s Love For Us. I like them all, but these two are the tops. I thank God that you are a fellow believer, and God has given you a gift. You play with feeling, and you make it look so easy. I have just began taking up guitar as well. I do not have a lot of money right now, and your prices look feasible. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  5. Dear Carlton,
    I’m so glad that I ran across your you tube’s and now your web site. I would like to talk with you further, for I see a very talented person who plays with using their talent, where God’s love is shown through all the songs you present. I have some European studies in materials that present theory to doctorate levels that you might want to review. One never stops studying there is materials that would blow your mind, enlarge your ability/theory at the piano.

    You are awesome performer. I helped Dino Kartsonakis enlarge his understanding where he could use many many different fill-ins, and different ways of arranging. I know being taught this way when I had a Master’s Degree, brought to my mind the complete picture, thus God then could say to me, use this now in the arrangement.

    You are blessed, and I would love to see more sacred pianist performing for the Lord. I look forward in hearing from you soon.

  6. Carlton,
    Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your beautiful music. Many might have been tempted not to offer the sheet music to others, but you did not hold back. thank you for this great blessing! I bought Amazing Grace and am working hard on it 🙂 God bless you richly and use your gift to minister to many!

  7. Carlton,

    I just discovered your music today for the first time. I must say I truly enjoy listening to your God-given
    skills. I have passed on your website for others to enjoy as well. What a gift you have to share with
    those of us who love music.
    Thanks for being a part of my day.

  8. Carlton,

    Your arrangements are so beautiful! I bought the sheet music for The Prayer and I’m planning on playing a condensed, 90 second version of it at Miss Hawaii in June as my talent. However because it is a television broadcast I need copyright permission by February 20, 2014. I would greatly appreciate getting a copyright clearance letter or your contact information so that the Miss Hawaii Organization can verify with you directly. Hopefully I’ll do your arrangement justice! Thank you!


  9. Carlton,

    I’m a guitar player and I was just perusing the Web for unique arrangements of Amazing Grace. Yours is hands-down the most gorgeous arrangement of the song I’ve ever heard.

    You truly have a gift, Sir!

    Thanks so much for the soul-stirring arrangement.

    1. Hi Faith! Thanks for your kind comment! I’m sure I will make more recordings in the future. At the moment I’ve got other “irons in the fire” so it probably won’t be anytime real soon! Thanks for listening!

  10. Carlton,

    Just came across your music on youtube today. I love the arrangements and the piano is quite soothing. Just did a quick look but I did not see Great is thy faithfulness on any of the mp3 or album sights? Do you have that one somewhere? Thanks

  11. Carrlton,

    I have found your music to be a great inspiration for songs I do playing at church. Your arrangement of Be Thou My Vision is awesome!

    What software and keyboard do you use for making your sheet music? I tried a demo of Finale Print Music but found it wouldn’t get my rhythms correct so I had to just do manual entry. I don’t know, however, if the problem is my software or my keyboard. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


  12. I was on YouTube about 2 years ago searching for piano solos and I came across your arrangement to ” Be Thou My Vision. ” The minute the video started playing , it immediately struck a root deep in my soul .. It moved me and I felt the presence of God surrounding me.. I bought the music and I played it at the ARC in Florida and it moved people.. God has given you a GIFT and you are using that gift to serve him . Thank you sooo much for your arrangements ! They are a blessing .. God Bless.,


  13. Love,love,love your music. Your hymn arrangements are the best available! Hoping some more will come soon! Thank you for sharing your gift.

  14. I am a retired loice officer. Had to retire because of aan eye diease that has robbed me of alot of my eye sight. I was feeling down this morning and the good Lord led me to your music. Do you have CD’s for sale. Would love to have some on hand. God bless and hope to hear back.

  15. I think I started to listen to these arrangements when I was 16, and they have been an encouragement through some pretty dark valleys. Never would i have thought that such strokes of a key would impact and shape who I am as a person today. From the darkest holes of Mexico, to the busy school room, to being new to the workforce, to being married, these hymns have kept me going in some rough spots for the past 6 years. Thank you sir! God has providentially used your talents to impact a soul you never met, and for that, you have my gratitude.

  16. Would love to buy your rendition / arrangement of the popular hymn “Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God” if you happen to take requests…

  17. Carlton, I am thrilled to discover your music! I am an early-retired music missionary, having taught piano and church music at the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Buenos Aires. Presently I teach church music at B. H. Carroll Theological Institute (www.bhcarroll.edu) and play piano at my church in Fort Worth, TX. I have two books of piano arrangements which are no longer in print, which frustrates me because I would like to have my arrangements available to church pianists but cannot because of copyright issues. It is wonderful that you have your own website and can make your beautiful arrangements available to those who love praising God with their hearts and hands. I haven’t had a chance to listen to your other videos, but your playing of “How Deep the Father’s Love” is so expressive and reveals your heart of worship. May God continue to bless you as you use your gifts for Him. Nancy Muskrat

  18. Ola Carlton , moro no Brasil na cidade de Belo Horizonte, e gostaria de você tem algum material a venda ensinando algumas de suas técnicas pianisticas aplicadas em suas musicas.

  19. I ordered two pieces but have been unable to download either of them. I get an error message telling me that the site is unavailable and cannot be connected. My account status tells me there are no remaining downloads available on one song and three on the other. I have emailed your support page, but have not yet gotten a response. Please advise. Thanks.

  20. I really love your arrangement for the hymns on your site! I have been searching for piano arrangement of several modern hymns, like “Before the Throne of God Above”, “In Christ Alone”. Could you publish sheet music on those hymns as well? Your work inspires me so much and I can’t wait to listen more…

  21. Wonderful, Merciful Savior. Amazing song, especially arranged like this. My singing group loves this song, and when I sent them all links, you were all they talked about for weeks. You are an amazing pianist, and I aspire to play like you (however drastic my fails can be). Currently, I mainly play music by David Lanz, but I think I’ll be switching over to Carlton Forrester soon enough! =)

  22. I like to hear your amazng piano playing, especially the Gospel Songs. You can spread the Gospel with your piano. I pray that Lord Jesus will use you more and more again. Jesus bless you

  23. Your arrangement of What Child Is This/O Holy Night is utterly ethereal. It has me enchanted and in awe of the glory of our God! I recently learned It Is Well, but hope to learn that one soon! Your music is such a blessing. Also love when you post videos with an overhead view–it makes learning the songs much easier.

  24. So so well performed, allowing God’s Spirit to speak to our hearts. I am also a pianist/arranger, so appreciate your performance. Keep sharing our world needs a Savior, Jesus. People love to hear piano music.

  25. Carlton, amazing God given talent on the keyboard. I visit many piano artist’s websites to listen, shop etc. Have just recently found you….. Some of the most beautiful arrangements of old hymns (my favorite) that I have ever heard. We all have our place in musical ability, mine doesn’t come close to you, but playing piano/organ is a joy in my life. Keep on composing and playing them. Many “jewels awaiting your crown.”

  26. Love your arrangements. I got your sheet music to a couple of them and after many months of practise they sound not bad…although playing like you is a gift that i don’t have!!! Thanks. \one question though -I have a yamaho es 90s as well but it doesn’t have the same sounds as yours. Are you using a virtual piano sound like synthogy ivory 2? \please let me know as I would like to upgrade

  27. How Great Thou Art will always be a special song to me no matter how it is played but you brought an unknown depth to it that will be hard to compare to any other arrangement. Thank you! I look forward to the day I can play it myself.

  28. I was so inspired by your arrangement of Amazing Grace that i could not sleep the
    night i watched the video for the first time..I kept wishing and dreaming of playing the keyboard like you.. You play it so well that i doubt anyone could come up with a better version.. Keep playing and God Bless you and your family.

  29. thanks God, you are God’s instruments in music ministry. very nice hymn songs. im interested in playing piano in the church

  30. Just came across your YouTube playing Memory, I love the way how you play it, marvellous ! You’ve inspired me to play this song. Thank you !

  31. Hi Carlton!! you know you’ve been quite an inspiration to me, it would meant a lot for me if you watched this video, you see its made from you own cover of “memory” I used it for an exam. I hope you like it, you don’t have to tell me anything if you watch it I am happy, PD: I’m not a very good pianist as a matter of fact I’m just learning so I may have some mistakes

  32. Hello. I`m not American and I`m not a great musician. And also I just knew u last night on youtube. I don`t have good English.. But, I`m here for telling u this. You moved my heart go to front of my old piano. And finally..in this morning, I opened my piano after a long time. It tooks really long time..(I locked before..)my hands were shaking and I was about to cry.. Nobody could wake me up to play, Nobody could change my mind for long time but you did..I can`t tell you many good and sweet words like other people. But I really want to tell you just one thing. Thank you so so so much for cheer me up and wake my passion.

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