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Customer reviews on Carlton’s music:
Absolute favorite piano music. I bought the CD directly from Carlton Forrester’s website 3-4 years back, and it is still my favorite. I play it all the time, and cannot get over how beautiful and skillfully played his arrangements are. Carlton is a very talented musician, and I am thankful he uses his talent for the Lord. I recently purchases a few more individual MP3 from Amazon as well. Any collection of hymns and praise songs is not complete without it.By Michael on
Never in all my years of playing piano have I heard something as beautiful and great as this. Continue what you do man, for something as magnificent as this deserves to be heard by all persons of this earth. I have not a single doubt in my mind that you have been blessed with an incredible gift and it will take you far!By Wowd and Amazed on iTunes
I do not always enjoy performers’ embellishments on old standards, but this arrangement is quite beautiful. In fact, my husband and I purchased the sheet music to have this arrangement of the song played as our wedding recessional. (We did slow the tempo very slightly for dramatic effect, but left it otherwise exactly as heard in this track.) Every time I hear this track, I am struck by how lovely it is.By Allie Chem E on (Reviewing track "Be Thou My Vision")
I don’t think I’ve ever had one song on a loop for as long as I have with this one! Absolutely. Amazing. You always do such a tremendous job in presenting Christ-honoring music in a flawless manner.By Bryan Keeenum on iTunes
You are a true inspiration to all who listen to you play. I found your music on accident and you play 2 of my favorite songs in such a way that I can’t even begin to describe. God Bless!!!!By Rained7 on iTunes